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Define your business' identity, look and feel with our solutions ranging from

simple logo designs, all the way to a full company rebrand.


It's more than just a logo.

It's an identity.

At FMG, we understand that people subconsciously connect with businesses based on how their branding, logos and colour palettes look and feel. It's a fact.


Colour, in particular, is fundamental to reinforce a brand's personality and to communicate the qualities of its products and services.

For example, using blue tones as your dominant colours will convey trust, stability and sometimes even peace. Use these if you want to give off the image of a modern company, potentially involved in the financial or tech sectors. 

Whereas using green tones as your dominant colours can help give the image of a fresh, healthy, perhaps even relaxing company.


However, different shades of the same colours can have very different meanings as nothing is ever set in stone. (It would be too easy, right?)


So leave the guesswork out the door because, at FMG, we've been creating business identities, logos and branding guidelines for over ten years! We know all the ins and outs of human psychology so that YOU don't have to!


The results are a refined business identity, a clear vision and a positive emotional perception.

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Numbers don't have to be boring.

Fourmy Media Group is trusted by business owners and sales representatives alike to turn spreadsheets into exciting presentations and templates.


Long gone are the days when you would host a sales meeting hoping that nobody falls asleep after the second slide.

With our in-house team of talented graphic designers, your presentations get a complete makeover, which will make going through rows of numbers and data feel like watching a Marvel movie!


A winning branding & design solution for your business

FMG will collaborate with you to fully comprehend your company, mission statement and goals in order to offer a custom solution that meets your vision.

We pride ourselves on understanding business needs and delivering designs and UI/UX solutions that both achieve results and resonate with your target customers.

A strong brand includes everything from the colours on your website, business cards, and marketing materials all the way to your fonts and tone of voice.


When your branding is captivating, coherent, and consistent, you inevitably establish a memorable identity and secure a spot in the hearts and minds of your customers.

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Branding and Logo Design, Ashford, Kent | Fourmy Media Group

Our team of in-house graphic designers create the most striking logo possible.

Branding and Logo Design, Ashford, Kent | Fourmy Media Group

Our team of in-house motion designers bring your numbers and data to life.

Branding and Logo Design, Ashford, Kent | Fourmy Media Group

Turn boring data into exciting presentations to keep your team engaged.

Branding and Logo Design, Ashford, Kent | Fourmy Media Group

Give your business a complete makeover with a fresh logo, new colour palette and guidelines.

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Packages: Full Branding Identity

"Just what I was looking for! I love your ideas and I was amazed at the quality of our new branding."

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"François has always proven to be a creative and calming influence on our media.

We entered as novices and have slowly become more adept at making the media we required. Would highly recommend Fourmy Media Group.""

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Property Video Production Agency, Ashford, Kent | Fourmy Media Group
Property Video Production Agency, Ashford, Kent | Fourmy Media Group
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