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Our fresh and modern approach to online advertising no matter which platform you want to advertise on. Facebook, Instagram, Google or even TikTok!


Turn heads, not backs

You can have the best advert possible, with all the necessary information and the perfect call-to-action at the end. However, what's the point is spending your marketing budget on creating content if everybody is going to scroll past it or only watch the first 3 seconds?

At FMG, we understand user experience and behaviour, which is why we reverse engineer our pre-production plans to make sure that all our videos are front-loaded with the most attention-grabbing content. If this means including larger-than-life drone shots, slicks 3D renders or even using the Comic Sans font, we're up for it!

Not only this makes sure that your message is seen by as many people as possible, but it always respects the #1 FMG rule which is to provide value to your audience.

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Provide value to the right people

At the end of the day, the reason you're creating content is most likely to grow your business and increase your sales.

A lot of things can happen on a buyer's journey, good and bad. So the key is to make the journey from seeing the advert, to clicking it, to arriving on your landing page, all the way to conversion is as frictionless as possible.


Ads that aren't a one-size-fits-all party trick

The old-fashioned TV-like advertising does not work anymore. You can be advertising on the BIGGEST billboard, in front of the busiest motorway in the world; if you're not targeting people who are interested in your industry, people who are more likely to come to you to fulfil their needs and wants, then you're wasting your ad spend.

At FMG, we understand that your audience is browsing Instagram with a totally different mindset as it is when browsing LinkedIn. Therefore, we adapt our multiple ad sets to reflect this difference of mentality and make sure that we show your ads to people when they're the most receptive.

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Metrics that matter

Our reporting system includes a clear bird's eye view of the relevant metrics for your campaign.
Not all information is valuable. It all depends on your campaign's initial goal.

Let imagine this scenario. You are running a lead generation campaign and your goal is to collect prospects' contact details in exchange for a free eBook. Your plan is to then retarget these prospects with a call-to-action to signup for your online course on the same topic as your free eBook.
In this case, the metrics you want to monitor are the number of impressions, the click-through rate and the number of email addresses collected.

This gives us a clear map of the prospect's journey and identifies where they might click off or lose interest throughout the funnel. All this data can then be used to act accordingly and tweak the user's experience to maximise the conversion rate.

For such a campaign, data such as the number of video plays at 100%, the ad's frequency (which is the number of times a user sees your ad) or even the number of signups to your online course aren't relevant to your goal, so we wouldn't bore with that in our reports.

You know... unless you want to of course ;-)

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"We have used Fourmy Media Group in various forms and with various partners for the past three years.

François has always proven to be a creative and calming influence on our media.

We entered as novices and have slowly become more adept at making the media we required.  Being nervous around cameras was a big issue for my company, but with François' guidance, we have slowly been able to produce the kind of videos we wanted to portray our company.

Would highly recommend Fourmy Media Group."

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