• François Fourmy

Virtual events are here to stay

Are you currently hosting virtual events? 🎥📲

For our clients, upgrading traditional conferences, property tours, open days and other live events to a fully-fledged multi-camera live-streamed virtual event has played an instrumental role in their survival when the pandemic hit last year.

Sure, we're not allowed to gather in groups to host 'proper' old-fashioned events. However, it doesn't mean that YOU can't still reach potential customers and scale your business.

Unlike traditional events, hosting a live-streamed event has ZERO physical

l limitation. There is no limit on guests, no limit of space, no catering costs, and no limit on the number of people you can reach.

At Fourmy Media Group, we are experts in Live Streaming events.

If you've been curious about hosting your own virtual events, send us an email today. We'll be happy to chat about how we can help you grow your business online! 🚀