• François Fourmy

The end of a legendary b(r)and

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Daft Punk have called it a day after 3 decades of loyal services as floor-filling dance icons.

But before the French duo leaves us wondering what to dance to this summer (provided the lockdown restrictions do stay lifted...), let's take a look at a side we perhaps take for granted: the *brand*.

Daft Punk's brand is indeed one of the easiest one to recognise. The reason for it, other than the catchy electronic music, of course? I would say, 2 ingredients. Simplicity and consistency.

It's 2 shiny helmets. Nothing else. No extravagant meat-dresses, no provocative behaviours, no dramatic lifestyles. Just good music and a simple brand you'd recognise in a heartbeat (which they've carried since day one, by the way, 1993 to be precise).

We should all take a page from their book and remember the most important rule of branding: K.I.S.S ▶️ Keep It Simple, Stupid.

So long cowboys! 🎧🤖🤖🇫🇷