• François Fourmy

Client Feedback | Eightfold Property

It's always great to receive positive feedback from our partners. Here is one by @eightfoldproperty's company director Dan Lyons; scroll down to read it! 👇🏼

Eightfold Property is a forward-thinking real estate agency and has always been an absolute pleasure to shoot videos with. Whether on or off set, these guys know how to keep make the day more fun!

Here is what Dan had to say about his experience working with FMG:

"We have used Fourmy Media Group in various forms and with various partners for the past three years.

Francois has always proven to be a creative and calming influence on our media. We entered as novices and have slowly become more adept at making the media we required. Being nervous around cameras was a big issue for my company, but with Francois' guidance, we have slowly been able to produce the kind of videos we wanted to portray our company.

Would highly recommend Fourmy Media Group."


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