• François Fourmy

What you need to know when running Facebook & Instagram ads.

If you're running any form of online advertising, sending a lot of traffic to your website and landing pages, BUT not seeing any result, then you may want to look into this...

User Experience, AKA 'UX', refers to how a user is interacting with your products and services.

You may be running amazing ads that get tons of clicks, but what happens when people get to your landing page? This is what you need to look into. Is your website mobile-optimised? Can people find their way around your website easily? What's stopping them from hitting the 'buy now', 'contact us' or 'book now' button once they're on your landing page?

Removing any friction between the 'advert' stage and the 'conversion' stage is your #1 priority if you want to increase your conversion rate. Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about how YOUR website could be optimised for the perfect User Experience.