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Whatever your event is, you should live stream it

Our live streaming services are tailored to meet your business' needs, and include live seminars, property tours, open-door events and interviews with experts.

Working with you, we'll help you schedule your sessions and broadcast the most popular platforms, such as Youtube and Twitch. You'll also receive the training you need to produce great-looking live sessions. Broadcasting from your office or premises has never been easier.

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Give your viewers a broader perspective

With multi-angle live streaming, you can showcase your products from every angle. For example, if you're selling a house, you could show a VR 360° view of each room and even zoom in on specific parts, like the balcony and its stunning view.

With our live streaming packages, you can now stream to multiple platforms. For example, a sports team could live stream to their fans on YouTube while also broadcasting it on their website.


Have a direct conversation with your customers

Thanks to our enhanced live chat systems, you can talk to your viewers directly and they'll be able to ask you questions in real time! Opening up the communication lines between you and your viewers is the best way to engage directly with your audience whilst you’re broadcasting live or giving a post-broadcast recap.

Give your customers the answer they need on the spot and address issues they may have as soon as they happen. Don't miss an opportunity to build a direct rapport with your customers.

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Live Streaming Company, Ashford, Kent | Fourmy Media Group

You are hosting an open day, a conference or a seminar and need to reach people outside of your local community.

Live Streaming Company, Ashford, Kent | Fourmy Media Group

You're an artist playing a show. You want to host a gig but want to reach your fans, beyond a local venue's capacity.

Packages: Live Event Coverage

"I personally use Live Streaming to broadcast content that would normally take me days to put together.

Streaming not only gives me the opportunity to connect directly with my audience, but it always allows me to post value-packed videos without having to worry about editing."

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Packages: Social Media Content and Promotional Videos

"François has always proven to be a creative and calming influence on our media.

We entered as novices and have slowly become more adept at making the media we required. Would highly recommend Fourmy Media Group.""

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Property Video Production Agency, Ashford, Kent | Fourmy Media Group
Property Video Production Agency, Ashford, Kent | Fourmy Media Group
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