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Don't hire more staff.
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The Fourmy Media Group is an international Content-Led Marketing & Advertising agency based in Kent.

We specialise in providing stunning videos, online adverts, social media content, website designs and branding solutions for businesses such as luxury real estate agencies, educational establishments, gyms, and more.

At FMG, we know and understand that every project is different. So whether your aim is to increase sales, adapt to ever-growing online demand or launch a new product or service, we've got just the right team for you.

Our clients come from everywhere on the planet - some are based in England, France, Malta and even in Hong Kong!

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Your own dedicated team of experts. One flat fee.

Hiring more staff to answer to your business' growing demand is a long, demanding and committing process.

You have to open a vacancy, advertise a position and sort through tens, if not hundreds, of applications. (It's even harder if you don't already have a recruiting team)

Then you have to train new staff, get them up to speed and hope they're a right fit in your trusted team. And that's not even considering the on-going costs, the added overheads, the benefits, holiday pay, sick pay, lateness, etc.

Why not make your life easier today? Working with FMG allows you to get access to tens of graphic designers, video editors, photographer, PPC specialists, strategists and more. And it's all ONE line in your expense sheet.


After getting to know your business and your needs, we assign you with your own dedicated bespoke team of experts for one set fee, so you get no bad surprises.

This team of experts evolves as your success grows.

- Do you need to create more videos? No problem, we'll assign you the best videographer around.

- Do you need to design more presentations for a conference ASAP? Let's add a couple of graphic designers to your team and make it happen!

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What our clients say about FMG

Packages: Social Media Content and Promotional Videos
Property Video Production Agency, Ashford, Kent | Fourmy Media Group

"François has always proven to be a creative and calming influence on our media.

We entered as novices and have slowly become more adept at making the media we required. Would highly recommend Fourmy Media Group.""

Food Marketing Agency, Ashford, Kent | Fourmy Media Group
Property Video Production Agency, Ashford, Kent | Fourmy Media Group
Property Video Production Agency, Ashford, Kent | Fourmy Media Group
Property Video Production Agency, Ashford, Kent | Fourmy Media Group
School Promotional Video Agency | Fourmy Media Group
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